Goodyear Credit Card

Goodyear has definitely been one of the most respected and popular tire brands when it comes to tire sales in the U.S at least. There are many other types of tires on the market of course, and even with there being many other brands of tires being imported, Goodyear is still standing the test of time. Not to age ourselves here, but who remembers the great Goodyear blimp? What about the random messages you might see scrolling on it if you ever saw it floating by your neighbourhood? Goodyear has certainly come a very long way and now they also even have their Goodyear Credit Card. We aren't so sure though if their card is going to live up to the great legacy that is Goodyear, but we will let you know what they have, what we think, and let you make a decision on the Goodyear Credit Card. 

One example of a deal Goodyear is offering and how the card helps is the deal they have with offering an $80 rebate when you purchase a new set of Goodyear tires. Even though rebates are more for those who like a few months of delayed gratification, we will let them get away with that. When you are going to use your Goodyear Credit Card with that particular deal your rebate will be doubles. This makes for a much nicer delayed gratification of $160. This type of deal is really the biggest and likely only reason people will be drawn to the idea of their Goodyear Credit Card unfortunately.


One other thing that Goodyear loves to emphasize with their Goodyear Credit Card is that they have the convenience of linking your bank account for ease of payment with them. This seems to be a great idea, especially if you happen to be someone who happens to make late payments a lot otherwise. Their APR is nothing to play with which is why linking your account to this card seems to be a great idea. Not saying Goodyear is untrustworthy, but sometimes systems fail and you should always make sure to watch your account to make sure things are going as they should be to say the least. Speaking of their interest rate, make sure that if you make a purchase with your Goodyear Credit Card that you either setup the automatic payment or that you make sure to get that payment out each month before the interest rate kicks in. Making your monthly bill payment on schedule is going to be the biggest key to being able to maintain your Goodyear Credit Card account so that if you will need it again it will be there for you.

In a way, with the Goodyear Credit Card there really isn’t' any good or bad news to tell. The Goodyear Credit Card just kind of is what it is. Either it fits into your lifestyle and budget or it just doesn't. With there being so many more tire manufacturers with their own cards to offer, you will be more likely to go with this one only if you are a fanatic of Goodyear.